Friday, July 02, 2010

It is like a scab that never heals.

Last night my Internet connection started acting up. It was like I was getting throttled. Stuff was still getting through, but slowly. Really, really, slowly. I figured the problem was my virus protection. Sometimes when it wants to update - it goes a little crazy.

Can I update now? Now, now, now, NOW? It gets stuck in a bit of a loop until you finally give in.

So I tried to install the update. At two hours, I went to bed and figured it might be done by the morning.

This morning, both of the computer connections were still running slow. On my trade window, I could see the data stop, then flood in. Then stop again. Then flood in. It pulsed like that most of the morning. I'd already reset the router and the modem. So I figured I'd call Comcast to have them reset the modem on their side.

The automated message tells me they are having technical difficulties - yet the tech says - no.. No problems. She resets the modem, which immediately kills my phone line. Because, they are all connected. I already know this is the case. Yet it pisses me off every single time. My office has really bad reception on my cell. The land line is really just a fax line.

Things get a little better for a little while. I figure, I'm going to trust the automated message and just wait a few hours.

Not better. I call again. Still get told there are no problems. They think it is my modem, and want to roll a truck. Which pisses me off. First, I'd have to wait a day - but what kind of dumb ass company needs to roll a truck to your house to swap a modem?

I tell her, I can just take this thing down to the local brick and swap it out. Oh no - she says. You can't do that. They don't carry them. I'm sure I've done this before - I respond. I make the appointment. "Just in case". Run down to the local brick store, and sure enough. They won't swap it.

I get back to the house and realize my modem is still blinking. Even though it's been with me for 20 minutes without power. And I think - goddammit. That's right. These things have batteries that you have to let discharge. Sometimes rebooting isn't enough. I plug the fucker back in. My connection is completely fine.

Now - how fucking hard would that have been for the tech to know. Comcast always thinks they need to roll a fucking truck for everything. And to be fair - the guys who in the trucks are really good. But their tech support won't tell you if there is an outage like what happened two days ago. They tried to roll a truck on me that day too.

They aren't critical thinkers and can't figure out who is a dummy, and who actually knows even a little about technology. I'm not saying I'm smart. I'm not. But for shits sakes, I've worked tech support - you get an idea with people who you need to run a script with.

I wonder how much money they waste rolling trucks when the the support people just aren't trained well enough.

I swear, this is the time I have to find another solution. I pay too much to constantly be irritated by these guys.

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