Sunday, July 11, 2010

Intel inside.

Never mind. I should have named this post - that will be 456 bucks please.

Remember what I told you about bunnies. They will bleed you dry financially. Sweet pets, but honestly - they should just eat hundies. Pretty much the same thing as what they do right now.

Last week Saffron started showing signs of GI problems. I actually had started thinking she was immune. Her breed (the Thrianta) doesn't have guard hairs. Which makes shedding awwwwwesome. The breeds with two lengths of hair are worst. She just has the one length of hair. Minimal shedding. Minimal GI issues.

At any rate, this wasn't a big deal. We just up her roughage. She was minorly off kibble. Two days go by. No real improvement. She is eating hay and parsley. So, we aren't alarmed. But, really - you have a small window with rabbits. If things don't change in a couple of days, you have to kick it into high drive.

We really started up the roughage, and started giving sub-q fluids. If you own rabbits for any length of time. You have one of these in the closet. GI problems are not that unusual. Two more days go by. No improvement.

On Sat, we woke up and she still hadn't eaten kibble. At this point you have to start fighting to right the boat. We schedule an emergency appointment to get Propulsid and an Xray. Which ate up most of our morning because we didn't have a scheduled appointment. Still, three hours later - we were out and on with our lives.

We've been playing catch up every since.

I'm sure you guys are feeling all sympathetic, and it's really nice. Seriously. But, I'm sure she will be fine. She's finally starting to show improvement tonight.

The interesting thing about her though. Was her reaction to propulsid. She acted like you were killing her. You almost couldn't get it down her. And we've had to cram a lot of stuff down the throats of bunnies. It was such an odd reaction - we had to taste it to make sure there was nothing wrong with it. Hey - they test this shit on rabbits. Surely humans can eat it. None of the others have ever shown this kind of reaction. After we found it was rather mild. Just a little watermelon flavoring - we laughed. But sheez. What a baby.

Oh, and for the low low price of two hundred bucks - I get this high res pictures of her insides. Everything is digital now you know. They just cut you a CD. It's the future!


  1. Hope things work out well. For both the bunny and the wallet!

  2. Goodness. I had no idea rabbits had such a delicate constitution! :( Hope Saffron's going to be OK.

  3. Thanks Guys. Whatdya gonna do. Just got to suck it up.

    They don't so much as have a delicate constitution, as much as they have a design flaw. They can't throw up. So, everything that goes in, must come out the other side. And it's summer. So...they have at least one major shed.

    It's a known bug. Sometimes you have to use the workaround. Which is forcing things to come out the other end.

    Now you know why I'm always trying to dissuade people from getting them.