Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a little rebel you are.

Someone climbed out over moving traffic to paint this.

Man, the kids are starting to bore me. Yipes all of a sudden I had the echo of "why in my day" fill my head. Oh well, I might as well go with it.

When I was growing up - I don't even remember what decade it was, but clearly before I had an affinity to buy paint - congress made some rule that stores had to lock up all their spray paint cans.

This must have been in the 80's. And back then, it was a huge deal. Every single company that sold spray paint had to pay for these metal Faraday cages to lock up all their paint. You'd have to track down a store clerk to open the cage. So you could buy paint.

Fast forward to today.

Some stores still have these cages. Which makes me chuckle to myself. Silently. Because..... they are all open. Graffiti is out of control. Which I mostly don't care about.

I mean, I cared that one time someone tagged the light pole in front of my house. I stand in solidarity with other property owners who it pisses off. Excepting for that, the graffiti bandits are pretty skilled these days. Except in my town where I think they are all girls.

My point is - congress makes a big deal out of some issue, and 20 years later - people basically ignore them. It costs the companies a lot of money at the time though.

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