Sunday, August 01, 2010

The joy of lasers.

Today was all about the chainsaw on a stick. I have to order a shitload of wood soon. Once it arrives - I can't trim these privets that I'm constantly complaining about.

No more calling to see if we can get people out to trim them. We've gone rogue.

Six months ago - we rented CSOAS for 24 hours. Ah.... the benefit of experience. Today we got pretty much the whole thing done in 4 hours. Of course, there were much less things in the yard for me to get distracted on.

Me - OH! Chainsaw...cut...this.

So, for 32 bucks I got these privets whipped down. Instead of the 300 bucks I've usually been quoted. Of course, it beats the crap out of you for the day. I'm not 20 ya know.

I get the lower stuff. Mr S. climbs on a 10 foot ladder wielding a chainsaw on a 10 foot stick. The privets are taller than my 2 story house. I make sure there isn't a horrible accident by spotting him and making sure the ladder doesn't fall.

The job would be much easier if there was a hedge trimmer on a stick. These privets are not quite trees. Not quite hedges. They have hundreds of finger to wrist sized branches. All the while I'm pointing and trying to describe which branches I want him to cut. When the spot is 20 feet's sort of a challenge.

A little while in I say - hey, I wonder if you can see that laser pointer in the day time.

Mr S. had bought me a super powerful one a few years ago. I don't use it too much because we live near an airport and some assholes started pointing these things at planes. While I would never do that - this thing can be seen for a mile. I'm not sure I can see a plane in the air a mile away. Now I have to be cautious when I use it.

Much to my delight - the beam can vividly be seen in bright daylight from distance of at least 20 feet.

This made everything go much faster. Cut here - I'd say. Then run the laser beam in the area.

We debated the joy of just having a laser that would just cut right through these privets, but decided the probable ensuing fire wouldn't be worth it.

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