Sunday, August 08, 2010

I go to Martinez and have a meltdown.

A few months ago, I was going to a car show and wound up in Benecia trying to find a breakfast place. Benecia was so charming and calm - I got stuck there the whole day. Never went to the car show. I even starting looking at real estate prices.

Martinez is just on the other side of the bridge. There is going to be a car show in the town in a few weeks. So, I thought I would go to pre-scout the town.

I couldn't have had a more opposite reaction than the one I had of Benecia. Martinez is probably half made up of government buildings. That mostly look like windowless prisons. Except the District Attorneys office which was kinda swank.

They were also suppose to be having a beaver festival.

These beavers have been on my radar for months because they were talking about them every day for a while. And, they spent a shitload of money because of them. 9.5 million to be precise.

Honestly - it's probably a million dollars a beaver. Someone should audit Martinez, because that project shouldn't have cost that much. But, I'm betting some of it got funneled off into all those government buildings.

To be coninued... maybe.


  1. The beavers may not be that impressive, but you do have to give them props for being the birthplace of the Martini.

  2. Huh. That is interesting trivia. I had to google it.

    Honestly I'd never have guessed. You'd need a lot of martinis to forget you'd ever been in that town.

    It is the least remarkable place ever. And, it smells funny. That place made me so surly.

  3. Plus, my navigation system gets a spanish accent when I go through there. Which is why I pronounce it the way I do. My navsat does that, but a little more accent-ey.