Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's a status thing.

From the minute we brought Saffron home a few years ago, Paisley was jealous. It wasn't something we had really experience before. Rabbits only have 5 brain cells. 3 are geared towards food. One is geared towards knowing it's name. The 5th is random fits of brilliance. Namely trickery.

The first year she was really, really, jealous. If I'd even held Saffron - Paisley would want to sniff me obsessively. She is the only bunny I'd ever noticed had even the slightest bit of jealousy. And she doesn't express jealousy towards the other two. Only Saffron.

Why do I bring this up? Well, when Saffron had that GI problem.. geeze, it must be at least a month ago. She had to get extra attention. It turns out that Saffron might have gone a little mental and started eating litter. Which is basically ground up hay with less nutrients. It also keeps her system a little dryer.

So I've been on this constant crusade to give her extra roughage. Carrot tops. No.. my bunnies don't like carrots. Just the tops. Dandelion greens and parsley. And BTW - who the hell eats dandelion greens? The store always has them, and they are fabulously healthy. I thought this was something we were all trying to get rid of.

We even had to give her a litter box filled with kibble to make her stop eating litter. Turns out kibble is less expensive than litter. Though it doesn't have the absorbent qualities. So you have to switch it out every other day.

They all get some - but Saffron has to get more until she stops being mental. This of course drives Paisley a little nuts. While the other bunnies are minding their own business - Paisley is busy staring a hole in you and looking agitated. Just like a dog.

She apparently knows she is top bitch. She gets fed first. She usually gets attention first. She lives on the top floor. Which is why this happens.

Yet, it is still funny to me she is aware enough to know her status. I didn't think bunnies were capable of this.

I guess since the others aren't top bunny, they don't care if they are the other end of the feeding spectrum. Paisley clearly cares.

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