Tuesday, August 17, 2010

People you probably know.

I wasn't going to even get Jay Leno this year. He shows up at the Concours every year I guess. And, he wears the same thing. Tells the same stupid jokes.

I've never been a big fan myself - but, I thought those old money types were his base audience. They seemed really non plussed. When he was introduced people barely clapped. My flipcam accidentally got turned on, and I wound up with 7 minutes of his bombing. No video. Just audio. And anyway...it was just really an asshole move to announce retirement, and then take his show back. I'm not a fan of anyone involved. It was just a chump thing to do.

He was on the stage for something like 10 minutes, and I eventually walked right up and got a picture. Last year you couldn't even get close enough to get a good shot.

Mr S. spied this guy from Ferris Bueller. I'm not even going to list his name. He didn't seem that happy to be recognised.

As we were leaving it looked like the hired police were setting up for a police escort. So I waited around for about 10 minutes, and out pops Smokey Robinson. I only got a shot of the side of his head. The whole thing literally was probably 5 seconds. Three of which I had to figure out who it was that was famous.

I think the even funnier shot is - if you look closely at the patrolman in this next shot. He has the most shit eating "I've got Smokey Robinson" grin on his face ever.


  1. Say, the not pleased guy isn't the pedophile, is he? Maybe there were too many kiddies around for the terms of his parole.

  2. Is he still on Parole? I had to Wiki him. As of 2010 he still had to register.. so I guess the answer is.. yes.