Monday, August 02, 2010

1st try.

Mr S. has been trying to perfect bread for the last 6 months. He's met with all sorts of results. Most of them good, but not exactly what he wants. Getting a light fluffy sour dough bread is like a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

The tomato's have just started coming in en mass. The weather has been mild. But they are finally coming. So, this means home made pizza. Which actually turned out really amazing for the first try.

With help from that show "In Search of Perfection" we cut out a lot of the experimental heat process. Just turn your oven to 550 degrees. Perhaps having an enamel coated pan made it so the heat was more even.

I used all the stuff from the garden. Onions. Tomato's. Those things that look like jalapenos - are green zebra tomato's. They aren't meant to get red. They are a little tart. Garlic. Spicy peppers from the garden called Bolivian Rainbow. Which are about the same color as the garlic. A little walnut oil instead of olive. Prosciutto. And wet mozzarella.

Makes me wish it was the weekend for the second try.

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