Saturday, August 14, 2010

That's a bummer.

Update - New interesting thing about tires. If there is anything interesting. They offer to fill them up with nitrogen now. Theory is the molecules are larger, so the tires lose air less quickly.

It is a good thing the expensive car show is tomorrow. I left this morning to visit the chiropractor because I'd moved all that wood. Found my car had picked up a screw. So, both my cars are in the shop right now. Luckily they are able to get the tires today.

Still, I was planning to go to Monterrey today for the Le'mons car show today. It is a play on words people!

I thought it would have been funny. You guys would be expecting amazing concept cars, and I'd give you the most horrible cars on earth. Plus, I'm still gathering nuts. I wanted to go to my favorite winery. I plan on drinking all winter. I'm not normally a big drinker. But, I'm getting older. And, I understand old people drink a lot. I have to start training now.

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