Thursday, August 05, 2010

GE wants to buy me dinner. No seriously!

When I was growing up - my Aunt and Uncle got sucked into buying 3 timeshares. I never understood why they bought them. I never saw them go on vacation once. Poor people didn't go on vacation. My Aunt doesn't even like to fly.

They lost all three. I also never figured out how they could get financing. Yet they did.

My uncle was quite the "get rich" sort of guy. He'd buy anything that claimed to do so. My aunt and uncle? The nicest people you'd ever meet. Deeply nice. Also, the most gullible people you'd ever meet.

I learned a lot about money from them. Just not in the way they expected.

So... today when I got a postcard in the mail inviting me to two free dinners. Hosted by Light Power Solutions - I knew this stuff was bullshit. The timeshare of green solutions I'd say. If they have to trick you with food - you know its bullshit. From their presser:

"Light Power Solutions markets its products through exclusive, invitation only complimentary dinner seminars held throughout the Continental United States."

I browsed their website. All stuff you can buy cheaply at the local box store. Yet the "Financed by GE Money" logo popped out at me.

Which basically told me - we are suckering poor old people with bad impulse control to spend a shitload of money on credit. It won't matter though. We know they will default. But, this shit costs so little - after two payments we will turn a 100 percent profit. We are going to wreck your credit anyway because you are a sucker.

Ah well. There is no amount of logic that will stop them. I just thought it was amusing because now they have to rope you in with timeshare style tactics to buy their bullshit.

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