Friday, August 06, 2010

I have become - comfortably numb.

I don't know if the voters will legalize pot. I think the government - thinks there is a good chance people will legalize pot.

I've been watching this whole thing with great interest. Huge change from when I was growing up with Nancy Reagan and her "just say no" campaign. Then, there was the "this is your brain on drugs" period.

Instead of the government freaking out, and saying they have to beef up the police presence "just in case" - they are all standing around with their hands out. Holding buckets. To hold all the money that is going to fall from the sky.

I think it is three cities now who have passed tax provisions. They've even started letting folks patent strains of pot. No. Seriously.

So, I found myself at hempcon today. Oh yes. I'm pro entrepreneur. And besides - if you knew how many fortune 500 company execs smoked - you would just die.

Anyway. I expected a bunch of Cheech and Chong wannabees hanging out. To be sure - it was sad to see how many young people were afflicted with terrible illnesses. You know I'm being sarcastic. Right?

What was more fascinating - there was some actual technology there. The vendors didn't seem all freaked out. It was pretty business like. I thought I was going to get all kinds of sideways looks. I saw one rent a cop, but the event didn't even warrant the police circling the block to make sure people weren't doing whatever they didn't want them to do.

It was the most fascinating thing ever. And the stuff they were selling? It was like they were expecting to have massive amounts of "inventory". Industrial amounts of inventory. Imagine you had a field of corn sort of machinery. Allright.. maybe a field is too strong. Certainly a giant warehouse.

No one seemed concerned that Mr S. looks like he came straight out of narktown. It didn't seem like anyone was even concerned about the event at all. It was a nonevent. Really.


  1. I think it will pass because the people who are against it can't come up with a better argument then it's some kind of a boogie man. People may have fallen for that in the 60's but not today. If it does pass though, it will cause a severe recession in Mexico and if I was going to run against it, this would be the issue that I would keep bringing up because there are a lot of Hispanics in California who care very much about what happens there.

  2. "No one seemed concerned that Mr S. looks like he came straight out of narktown."

    Hey, I fit right in. Kind of like an Osmond at a Greatful Dead concert.

  3. Not sure why you find it surprising that the boys (and girls) in Sacramento are keen on this. Surely, most of them have "brains on drugs," no?