Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Can't you get your arm caught in a wood chipper or something?

When this search came through my blog a couple of days ago - it filled me with about a hundred questions. Like - who evaluates this? Can I have the job? Purely medical of course. I wouldn't want to touch - but, I'd look.

Oh come on! You'd look too.

Who would want this to be their disability? What is their profession? P3rn is too obvious. And anyway - if that is your profession, shouldn't you have done a little job research before entering that position. Oh yes. I said it.

How does your disability affect your being unable to work? What... you can't lift things now?

I'm telling you. I had a lot of questions.


  1. It would certainly make it easier to park the big truck if you could use the handicapp plates.

  2. Hahahah. Good point.

    Imagine all the dirty looks they would get parking in a handicap spot. You know there is going to be that one busy body that calls the parking police because they don't look handicap. And then.. how are you going to explain that?

    Um.... my peen is broken. So, I need to park closer.

  3. No, it wasn't broken. This was a birth defect.

    And no, Keyser would not in fact look, thank you very much!

  4. If it was a third arm you'd look. Why not that?

    I'm curious to see what he's working with. Or not! As the case may seem.