Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 2.

Just about around noon I was feeling like the fire tetris champion of the world. By six, I was vacillating between despair and victory.

I estimated it would take three days to move 2.5 cords of wood. It is all moved. About a half a cord sits in a heap in the back yard. Tomorrow the Solstice comes home. Hopefully. And the heat is ticking up. Yesterday, it felt like fall. It was awesome. Musically awesome. Today it felt like summer. NOT awesome.

Yesterday I imagined the neighbors biking by were thinking I should just kick babies. After all, I surely hate mother earth with all that freakin' wood. I didn't get the usual greeting from passerbys. After all, this is a place tree trimmers are freaked out about getting sued for chopping down trees. And I'm sitting on enough wood to power a small village. Whatever.

I might pay to have them stack next year. I'm changing that whole "use it or lose it" attitude. I'm throwing in the towel. There is no earthly reason I shouldn't be strapped to a gurney having robots feed me.


  1. They'll all come knocking at your door to get warm when the power grid fails because of a gigantic solar flare this winter -- which could very well be the beginning of the next global ice age...



    Seriously: that is a LOT of freakin' wood. :( You deserve a treat after moving all that! (Didn't Mr. S. help??)

  2. The first day - I'm usually overly optimistic. Plus, Mr S. has these really weird spacial issues. I'd be - what is with all these gaps!

    By day two though, he understands he will come home to a very dark place. When reality sets in for me. So - he worked from home yesterday and fed me wood. The first day is about about getting the base stable enough to allow 8 feet of wood. NO... I'm not anal. I'm not.

    I can't wait till the solar flare. Of course, it will have confirmed my suspicions that all my neighbors are Canadian. Hahahahah. Just kidding.

    Once though, you could see the northern lights from some places in LA. No one died or anything. Never stops those "it can happen tomorrow" shows.