Monday, August 23, 2010

We were on a break.

My blog traffic fell off a cliff last week. So, I took the weekend off.

Slept in, washed the cars. Made spaghetti sauce from scratch. Mr S. learned his yeasty culture was in ill health. Home made bread was a relative disaster. Now it's in the yeast hospital.

My sauce wasn't the best either.

So, you didn't have any Monday morning content. Sorry. Blogging is hard work. So, when people don't read - I tend to take a blogging vacation.


  1. Sorry about that. Had to drive across the state (350 miles of Washington) to visit my parents. Away from computers Weds through Saturday afternoon. Didn't think you'd notice.


    p.s. when I first type this, there's the box to type the box in, but there's no wierd-looking word.
    I put in my google info and hit publish and am told I need to type the word. which now shows up and is "drical" which I don't even think is a word.

  2. Oh yeah. I notice. When you are trying to entertain a group of people you know little or nothing about - you start to keep track of who is sticking around.

    When they fall off you hyperanalyze it. Maybe I was boring this month. Or maybe I was tagging a topic that was too annoying. So yeah. I notice.

    Hope your parents are doing well. And no...I don't think drical is a word. Not even a made up slang word. But then - I have a blind spot to the word loose/lose. So, who am I to know.

  3. I used to be really addicted to my site stats. Now, I just don't care anymore. Of course, my blogging has really fallen off a cliff anyway because I don't have any brain cells left to rub together to eke out anything worth reading. Such is the life of a middle-aged full-time college student. :P

    Love your snark, the pictures, even the depressing but astute observations about the state of our Union.

    But I do miss Jeff. (Hahaha!)

  4. I'm am bumming out there haven't been any Jeff's this year. Last year there were a ton.

    I don't know if it's the cool weather. Or maybe the Mantid market collapsed. And then.. Jeff's egg sacks didn't even hatch.

    I watched creepy cannibalistic insect porn for nothing. Four sacks, not one seems to have hatched.