Saturday, August 07, 2010

They are still coming for you.

I have the most amazing timing when it comes to these guys. Couldn't find them if I wanted to - but if I am going somewhere else.... there they are. The last accidental sighting.

I was whipping through Danville on my way to Martinez. Noticed a bunch of people by the freeway. I knew the East Bay Tea Party had a sign in this area. So, I immediately suspected they were doing something with it. Which they were.

They always put them in an area that is hard to see until you are right on it. Private land and all.

I had to come around three times. Finally - we just stopped on the side of the road which always freaks me out a little. The crowd was drawing a good amount of attention. Lots of people slowing down. All I need is someone rubber necking to come off on the shoulder and hit me. I walked down about 100 feet and took these shots with my really long lens.

This guy was nice enough to pose for me.

It was kind of nice to see them. The Bay Area has been quiet as far as the TP goes. I thought they'd all gotten tired of being called racisty racists and gone underground. Especially after that Breitbart thing.

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