Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yeah. I'd go with that.

I have to admit - this whole Presidency has been completely fascinating. Terrifying. Yet fascinating.

I don't understand the brainchild who thought of "we don't want to go back to the policies that got us into this mess" mantra.

You mean, the policies that made it so anyone who wanted a job had a job? And also made it so even if you hated your job, you could quit and walk down the street and get a new job at will. The policies in which anyone who wanted to own a house could. No job. No money. You didn't even have to be a citizen. I don't even think you had to be alive to own a house.

Granted, there are many things about the Bush administration to be desired. Especially at the tail end.

Still, this method is a little like having a dad who lets you do anything you want. But you think he's a dick. Then your mom divorces your dad, and step dad comes in - and you realise you didn't know how good you had it.

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  1. You notice that they never identify which specific policies got us into this mess. And the MSM never tries to pin them down.

    That way, they avoid that uncomfortable moment when it's revealed that a majority of them voted for those same policies.