Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not so interesting stuff.

Things will get more interesting soon. For now - I'm pretty much gathering nuts for the winter?..?

I almost hate to brag, but it has been the most fantastic summer as far as weather goes. I know the rest of the country and the world is getting punched in the neck. And.... that sucks.

All I feel is this intense need to start hunkering down for the winter.

Today I had to take the Solstice in. Because all of those assholes closed their doors - the shop is a two hour round trip event. I did get Dim Sum out of it. I've mostly been off it this summer.

Apparently the car needs a new rear differential. Which would have really pissed me off if the warranty was off. It isn't like it is something that is easy to run into the ground. That is a defect. It only has 25k miles on it. The new shop at least does good work. Also it was busy. People are buying cars. Apparently.

Then, my renter believes we are besties. He took up a bunch of my day. If he wants to pay rent on time, maybe we can be besties. On time for him - is the 10th.

Notable about the conversation is his new hatred of Mexicans. It is everywhere now. I almost can't believe it. I mean, I get the reasons. Yet, two years ago - everyone but everyone used them. I liked them. They were hard workers. In one generation they went from siesta takers to job takers. Just sayin'.

Tomorrow I get two and a half cords of wood delivered. If they are going to shut me down, I'm going to burn my way to happiness. I also figured out they were delivering almond wood and am going to spend the winter BBQing with it. I've got this new affinity for BBQing in the rain. It makes me feel happy for some reason. No stress about setting the hills on fire. It's tranquil. The rain is awesome. And so is BBQ.

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