Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bite me.

Are all you coast dwellers happy now? All summer long, all I've been hearing is whining about how cold it is. Waaaaa. You notice I haven't complained a bit. It's been one of the nicest summers in memory. Until today. Sucks ass.


  1. Good grief, I can't believe it was hotter in your neck of the woods than in the valley. My lil' hometown had a high of 102.9, supposedly. At school we hit 103 at 5pm. Felt hotter, of course.

    Weatherwise it's been the best summer EVAH since I moved to Califreakia in 1981. :) I'm looking forward to the predicted temperature dip this weekend; 70s possible by Sunday, supposedly?!?! W00T!!!

    I loves me some climate change. ;P

  2. Oh yeah. Elevation 500ft is a tiny enclave of hell. They should just change the zip code to the sign of satan.

    I loves me some climate change too. I can't believe the temps are suppose to drop like 35 degrees.