Monday, February 18, 2008

Who will save your soul?

Some interesting dynamics have cropped up at the crapshack in the last few weeks. You want to know what it is?

Religion. Thats right. You heard me.

Normally I run a religious free zone. But recently - religion has become huge for me at the crapshack. Mainly because I have no feeling at all about it. I pretty much think it is a waste of time. I'm glad it gives people comfort - but don't expect me to pay attention to anything regarding religion. Mr S. considers me downright intolerant. For reasons I still don't understand. Maybe its because most of our conversations about religion consist of " really... they believe that - no seriously". There might be some laughter.

But - I don't dislike any region or people because of their faith. I pretty much think everyone is churchy to some degree. Although, it is pretty easy to find people who are ambivalent or uninterested about religion in California. At any rate.. I'd have to dislike most people. And of course I sort of do.. but not because of that.

Generally its because they are in my way. If you can tie that into religion.. well have at it.

In recent weeks however I've begun to realize a few of the contractors were pretty churchy. Well, let me rephrase that - Super Christians. I'm not joking. Rapture religious. Listen to religious radio.

Whatever.. I don't really care. But it is amusing though, because I'm about as opposite of that as you can get. And I've had to curb liberal deity cussing. I mostly do it when I injure myself or can't get something to work. But...I figure it is pretty inappropriate. I've had to curb cussing a lot actually. It sucks ass.

Anyway - last week Alpha contractor was trying to save my soul. I'm top on his prayer list now. After several weeks of his religious advances.. I finally had to tell him I don't care what happens to my soul when I'm dead. So far he's been good since. But, I was laying tile at the house today and my girlfriend from across the street was over. The tile guy ( who is amazing - I can't wait to show you pictures) was listening to religious radio. I was busy doing my project and not even paying attention to the radio until my girlfriend pointed it out. Which immediately made me think " shit..another guy I have to stop cussing in front of". I hope he hasn't been offended this while time. He's a really good tile guy.

At any rate.. I barely can handle myself appropriately in normal public. Let alone - super Christians. What other challenges is this house going to throw at me. I mean.. come on! Don't I have enough going on?


  1. I absently told one of my quite religions PTA partners that my dog's name is "Jesus Christ Noni!". Because well, that's what we call her. I hope I didn't offend.

  2. That is practically saintly in my book. But what do I know.. you might have just committed one of the cardinal sins.

    I'm just not that smart.