Monday, February 25, 2008

My Kindle review.

I will be the first to admit I was not hot on the Kindle. I liked the look of E-book readers. But - since I'm illiterate, they weren't a product that I could fall in love with. The Kindle, however.. so...

The reasons?

Every morning I get up - and through the tiny slits of my un-caffeinated eyes, I see Mr S. reading the Kindle. While making me coffee, of course. That's what any sane husband would do. Right? Every single morning I see him reading it.

I love that. It's a product that he actually uses. Faithfully.

I deem that I listened way to much to Scoble.. because, while the design isn't perfect. The potential is what makes me super hot.

This is roughly the conversation Mr S. and I had last night while watching Cranky Geeks.

Me - why do you think the Kindle is way more popular than the e-book readers?

Mr S. - Because, the e-book readers you needed to hook up to your computer to down-load stuff. Just hooking your cell phone up can be a pain sometimes. The way the Kindle works, it's just much less hassle. Plus the e-book readers didn't have the vast amount of content you can buy through Amazon.

Me - Oooooh. Yeah. Connecting anything to your computer can be a pain in the ass. That's right!

Me again - I'm just loving the potential of the Kindle now. Which is kind of funny because I thought it was ridiculous in the beginning. Just imagine how much better my weekly mail pile would be if all the magazine companies put all their stuff on the Kindle.

Just today - I went through the 20 magazines I had piled up in the mail. It probably weighed 10 pounds. Not to mention I always hated storing books. Since, you didn't like it when I stored them by size instead of Author or content.

This made Mr S. laugh because we've had a few squabbles about bookshelves. The different sized books always bothered me. I want it to look clean, so I'd sort them by size.

Plus - books are a constant source of dusting tasks. Not to mention the reduction in shipping related packing material.

Even though I'm still illiterate.

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