Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is how things worked out.

The washer guy came today. He was really sharp/funny/willing to share information. I liked him. And I will continue to do so - until my washer stops working.

This is the deal with the codes. They don't even give the cheat codes out to the repair men. They just replace parts. That generally opens the door. But this is what he told us - and we'd actually read it on a self help site, but couldn't figure out exactly where they were referring to.

The manufacturer actually puts the cookie codes on the inside of the machine. The ones that over-ride door locks and such.

For my particular model MAH8700AWM. They are underneath the instrument panel shown here.

You take the top cover off. I believe the screws are at the back of the machine. Take the soap dispenser to the left out with the two screws holding it in, and the front panel snaps off. Allegedly.

The repair man said it was ridiculous. He felt most people were computer savvy enough to have this knowledge, and didn't feel like the general public knowing these codes would in any way affect his work load. Which made me like him ever .. so.... much.... more. He even said that his bosses were so cheap - they'd love not to have to pay him.

After he got it working - my dryer stopped working. My GFI outlet co-incidentally died imminently. Fix one problem - gain another always seems to be the motto at our house.

Then, after diagnosing the electrical problem and getting it fixed we promptly tested it out because the washer hose wound up spewing water everywhere. I was super happy to have insisted on putting a drain in the floor when we re-did the laundry room. I got to use it twice today. Once when the repair man was here. Luckily the drain made it so the room didn't flood. So, the only issue was the outlet to getting wet and throwing the GFI.

Ah... it feels nice to be back to where we started from a couple of days ago. But much much tired-er.

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