Friday, February 08, 2008

Welcome to guy tech support. How may I handle your call?

This is the conversation I had with Mr S. last night.

Me - "thank gawd Alpha contractor wasn't at the house today. I don't think I could have handled it."

Mr S. - "me too. I don't think I could have handled many more calls to guy tech support."

Me - what?!

Mr S. - It's like I'm the tech support line for how to understand men. Then in an indian accent he says "Welcome to guy support. How can I help you".

Then him mimicking me - "My guys are malfunctioning and I don't know how to fix them."

It took me a couple of seconds... but that is actually exactly what it's been like. My husband has been a massive help in translating what is going on with my guys. Because, I feel I have to understand why they are doing the things they are - so I can get them to do the things I want them to do.

All I know is that roofer is gone today, and I feel so much static leaving my head.

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