Thursday, February 07, 2008

Life's little surprises.

First - let me say to my readers how much I enjoyed your feedback on my One or Two post. I was actually surprised how interesting I found it. This is why.

Being the betting woman I am... I would have expected more of an 80/20 - 60/40 vote. I think in any random sampling you are just as likely to get a 50/50 vote. It was really interesting to see how many people voted for the top image. So - I might do more of those kinds of posts. Because, I really like when people surprise me.

Two - I think if I can make it through the next two weeks I might be cresting a hill. Like any hill - once you get near the top, it feels like quicksand. My tile guy is at the house floating out my shower. My kitchen should arrive next week.

Here is the thing that is bumming me out today. Alpha contractor has moved all his guys in. Every contractor does that. They all want to move the people they have worked with into a project. I normally try to resist it. This is why.

My roof guy has been working for me for years. He has always done really great work. I've had many building inspectors out on his jobs, and things have always been great. Our city is pretty well known for being inflexible when it comes to getting stuff to pass inspection.

So, it surprised me a lot when my roofer fell part on me with the shower. But, since he has a better track record for doing stuff well, than f-ing up. I'm willing to give him a second chance. This is the part that pisses me off though.

I told him if he learned to do the showers the way alpha contractor wanted him to, he could probably get a bunch of work from it. Word of mouth is huge. As I said in an earlier post -if he undercut the locals by even 200 bucks, he can do well in this area. If you can get people to drive 4 hours round trip for almost half the price of the locals.. well - you do the math. Maybe he doesn't want to do the job in the first place. Fine. Say that in the beginning.

Anyway... I'm getting off track. He has a key to the place. I told him when the new roofer would be at the house, so he could learn the correct method, and he totally blew it off. He could have walked in without anyone being there and saw how the other guy did it. But he didn't. The reason I know this is - his f-ing giant hauling trailer is still in my crapshack driveway. If he was working - he would need his trailer. In all honesty the second roofers job was obviously better, once I saw it. The job my roofer had done would have caused me all sorts of future problems with my buyers.

So, now I need to call him out. Which so annoys me. I get so tired of having to call contractors out.

This is like the 7th job he's been with me for, and now I can't depend on him. This is why I hate letting one guy control a whole project. It doesn't matter how many years they work for you.. they eventually flake.

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