Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things I find interesting about my readers.

I used to be pretty perplexed why people read my blog. For the most part I still am. But, there are a few things I've figured out about those few who managed to hang in with me.

1. A lot of my readers have sleep issues.

2. Pretty much hate people.

3. Love technology!

These are the things I don't get about my readers though.

1. You guys read books! What is up with that? Because, you read me too.. and I just don't get it. My sentences are all over the place. I have no linear structure. I toss periods out like it was confetti. Or - as Mr S. likes to say "your posts resemble a cross between the way William Shatner and Christopher Walken talk". He also says I have lots of syntax problems.

Honestly - I don't even know what a syntax is. But, you guys obviously knew that. Which is why I find it so interesting that so many avid readers hang out here from time to time. How can my writing style not drive you guys absolutely batchit crazy? You guys are professional readers. Lets not forget the liberal additions of apostrophes and or absenteeism of apostrophes.

A seven year old can write better than I do. Yet - all you literate people still read this blog. That is really interesting to me.

2. A lot of knitters and or sewers. I'm not sure how I managed that demo. But I also find it very interesting.

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