Monday, February 25, 2008

Single point of failure.


The day didn't start well. I've got to get this house wrapped up - or I will loose my mind.

The texture guys were still there this morning. Doing things in the exact opposite order I asked them to to. So, while the bathrooms are pretty much done - the kitchen is wet. Meaning - Alpha contractor can't work today. Which spun me up like a top. Also making me unwind? I told the texture guys I would completely freak out if they didn't cover my black tiles in the master bath. They didn't cover them. They assured me.. "we cover everything".

Also not helping? Not one of them spoke English. Which has been much less of an issue in recent months. All the "questionable" workers have fled to other states because my state has really been cracking down. Even the guys I used to use - all seem to have college students working for them now. So I'm guessing some of their guys have gone home or moved somewhere else. You couldn't hire any contractor a year ago without seeing someone on the job you thought might be questionable. But - the companies are suppose to check. Not me.

So anyway.. I didn't think the whole English thing would be much of a problem. But when you walk in and ask them a question and they just stare at you... it's a problem.

Alpha contractor was mostly good though. Not a hint of prima donna. Perhaps he understood I wasn't in the mood. Or that it would be better for him if he doesn't make me crazy - as I'll just whip someone in to get a job done while he's relaxing at home thinking everything is bliss. My bitch hand is strong - but my patience is weak.

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