Thursday, February 28, 2008

All I know about the Obama campaign - I learned from South Park.

Updated with new and improved video.

I can't think of anything except this South Park clip - every time I hear Obama talk about his campaign. Chaaaange. Now - you won't be able to either.


  1. Oh my god. have you ever been to Vancouver (BC, not WA)? That is my city! We are regularly hit up by the same person more than once in a day. Getting anywhere downtown involves at least four pandhandles. It's a fucking gauntlet.

    I'm going to have to link to this entry so my local friends can enjoy the painful truth/humour.

  2. When pestered by panhandlers, I like to give a wide-eyed, genially sorrowful look and say, "Sorry, dude, I can't deal with money today. I'm a Scorpio."