Friday, February 22, 2008

The love-fest is -so- off.

It is pretty amazing to me how different things can be from day to day. Last week I was loving the contractors. This week - they can suck my balls. It is like a constant battle with them.

So - this particular meltdown happened because Alpha contractor brought his paint guy over to give me a quote for mouldings, doors, and the outside of the house. Which was in the range of "are you out of your fucking mind"?

Let's just say the whole quote would have bought a small fully loaded compact car. You've seen the crapshack. It isn't a mansion.

When I told Alpha contractor the price didn't make sense for the house - he didn't say the appropriate thing. Like "yeah - thats a little pricey for this neighborhood". He started giving me all the reasons I should choose his guy.

Which involved "but the house will look like a million dollar house when its finished". Well - the house isn't a million dollar house, and won't be for a very long time.

But - I could have gotten past that whole thing. I understand they all want to use their guys.

My first impulse was to get some guys to come in after Alpha contractor had left for the day. But shit - last I remember.. I'm his boss. So I just confronted it head on and told him I was getting some people to give me quotes today while he was there.

All of a sudden he turns into a disapproving mother-in-law, and starts giving me strong vibes he feels I'm being cheap about the whole thing. Which so totally pisses me off-you can't even imagine. I have been anything but cheap with this house.

After the guy left from giving me a quote - Alpha contractor was clucking about how quickly the guy walked around the house. I've used this painter before - so back the fuck off. Man, Alpha contractor is pissing me off today.

I mean - his painters wanted more than it is costing me to have my whole kitchen installed for christ sakes.


  1. You need to be the Alpha-Alpha. Go piss in his tool box.

  2. Yeah - I think I did the equivalent of that, by booking guys to to complete that work for a reasonable price this weekend.

    Now I have to manage Alpha contractors "feelings". Mr S. says it may come off as passive aggressive.

    But - it wasn't that at all. Alpha contractor knew someone was coming out later that day to bid on the same jobs as his guys.

    My guys gave me a good price. So I booked them, and it will be mostly done by Monday. It was easier for everyone if they got it done this weekend. That way they don't get in Alpha contractors way, and its less work for the guys by not having to work around new cabinetry.

    Alpha contractor won't see it that way of course. Gear up for the pout on Monday.