Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sneak Peek.

Last Friday, when alpha contractor called to tell me the kitchen was in - I had this overwhelming feeling of calm. Sort of like the feeling you get laying in a swimming pool with your head under water. All the noise went away. Well.. for like two minutes. But, it was the best two minutes ever.

I think I've finally crested the hill. My kitchen will start to be installed on Monday. All the holes in my floors are jacked back up/repaired/ and closed. Lets say it together. There are no holes in my floors. Aw... that feels so nice.

I've learned two things about doing houses I'm not living in. The middle feels like a bottomless black pit. Now I've started to get excited again. I can finally see our ideas coming to life.

The other thing is.. when you have termites - you have way more water damage than you expect. And - I knew there was a ton of water damage.

Here is a sneak peek at the tiles. Feel free to make comments. Even if those comments are "holy fuck I wouldn't have done that".

The color balance is off...which makes them look not so great. Too many weird colors in the room right now causing the tiles to refract odd light. But - since I don't know when dal-tile is going to ship my order - I'm letting you look at the tiles before the rest is completed. Thanks again for all the feedback to my One or Two post.

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