Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More about yesterday.

So - yesterday was the day I was suppose to get my tile for the master bath floor. I'd ordered it through the Expo Design center a couple of weeks ago. Remember I was pissed about having to drive about 45 minutes away to get it?

We get to the warehouse. Well.. it was actually hundreds of warehouses which were poorly labeled. Unless you think standard size printer paper is a good enough sign when people are driving past hundreds of tiny office style warehouse fronts.

At any rate - we find the correct one. We start the process of getting the tile from the back of the warehouse. And drum roll please....

They only have half of the order. But the warehouse can't find out where the rest of the order. Because they aren't actually connected at all to Expo. They just recieve deliveries.

So, I call the Expo design center who tells me the tile is ready to be picked up. Which makes me hot. I tell them I'm at the warehouse, and if the tile is there I want to pick it up.

After 3 calls from the design center I'm told the remaining part of my order is suppose to be transfered to the Expo design center later that day. I should call "will call" later to get it.

I'm ready to flip out at the point. If my tile can be shipped to Expo what the fuck am I doing at a warehouse in San Leandro. I was told that no tile gets shipped to the Expo store anymore.

So we start driving home. When it occures to me - I should call will call now and see what they say. After two more calls from Expo will call I find my tile will not be there today. It is in San Diego. And they aren't even fucking shipping it till Friday.

Let me just tell you - it is two boxes of tiles for my shower tub area. It's maybe 3 foot by 5 feet.

You can get anything shipped via gound service in California in 1 day. And they aren't even shipping my two boxes of tiles until Friday. Are they kidding me? That will be three weeks by the time it arrives.

I've had a laptop shipped from China in a week. Fuck I'm pissed.

Anyway - I tell the will call guy I'm not yelling at him, but they better be ready for me to yell at someone when I come to pick up my tile. He then tells me I can talk to a maanger right then.

I proceed to tell him that I'm not ordering tile from them anymore. They have lost of a customer. He does what managers do - then tells me the following story.

Allegedly the reason they changed the rule not allowing people to pick up tile at the Expo store is because they had a sales representative that would place massive orders. And they would have huge pallets just sitting around and taking up all the space.

So - instead of reprimanding the sales rep - they made it so all their customers were inconvenienced and needed to pick up tile at the warehouse. No matter the size of the order.

Yeah... that makes good business sense. Now I'm double not ordering from you again because you can't control your f-ing employees. Yeah.. I'm still pissed.

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