Friday, February 29, 2008

If someone said they'd fix this - I'd vote for them.

I don't care who it is.

All I need people is a truck lane. Honestly!

While all you people are fighting about "the real issues" - like race, war, feminism, religion, how the earth is going to burn up. Or cool down. I don't care! I just want an f-ing truck lane. Is that too much to ask?

While I'm on the freeway - I just want to be able to see more than 30 feet in any direction. Please! And - this picture was taken on a good day.

More often than not - I'm wedged in between two trucks with a third on either side. Honestly - It's really claustrophobic.

I'm begging. Truck...lane.


  1. That's brutal! If we had enough people up here to need more than two lanes on the highways I would totally want a truck lane too. It looks like you could be squished to death between rigs at any second! :)

    2 years ago we moved from the east coast to the west and drove through the states to get here, and holy cow, can I just say how great your highway system is (truck lane problem aside)? I have serious highway envy. The Trans Canada Highway (and there is only one) isn't even two lanes in both directions all the way. Most of the way it is... but in places if there's so much as one truck you're totally stuck behind it for half an hour until a passing lane comes up.

  2. Wow.. that does suck. I'm still weighing if two lanes are worse than all these lanes full of trucks.

    Today while on the freeway - I just wanted to be able to see the freeway exit signs ahead. Since I was stuck behind a 12 foot high truck I couldn't see it until I was right on it.

    I think the truckers might be happier with a truck lane too. Less small cars trying to cut across traffic because they can't see the signs due to the trucks.