Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My happy feel good issue for today.

I'm always bring my realtor friend over to the house to ask how much my house will sell for. She always complains about my house having a hole in the floor.

Well, two days ago - I didn't have any holes in the floor. She had to complain about there not being a kitchen. Whatever.

Which I might add.... the place looks better with holes in the floors and no kitchen than the day we bought it.

Anyway... now I have another hole in the floor. I honestly am not sure how someone can let a house get so out of control.


  1. Oh my goodness... I thought we had /house/plumbing/contractor issues... but dddaaaaaaayyyy'um - you have them all beat! Best of luck to you with the soon no longer to be crapshack! (I liked # 2 better - but I can't tell you why...)

  2. Ahhh... thank you. And thanks for the shower feedback. Love that!

    Even though I had rock bottom standards on the shape of the place - it even managed to impress me with its craptacularness.