Thursday, February 21, 2008

Should I be nervous?

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to call the washing machine repair people. Not to get my appointment moved up or to complain. But simply to see if they would give me the magic cookie code to get the washer opened. I tried several times, and finally told Mr S. I couldn't get anything but a busy signal from the number he'd given me.

So - Mr S. apparently tried for a few hours from his work. At some point he must have used his cell phone to call and finally get through. They immediately offered to move the appointment up. Which was nice, because Mr S. hadn't even asked. He just wanted the code.

When he told them about our problems trying to get through. They told him "sometimes we have problems with the answering service if you call in on an unlisted line".

I'm not sure I believe them. I've called tons of companies who clearly identified me from my caller id.

What does it say about an appliance repair shop when their answering machine doesn't even work right? It is an appliance!

Anyway - they are coming today instead of Saturday. If I can get the code, I'm going to post it everywhere.

Apparently I'm the last person on the planet who knew about the door lock issues. Everyone I talk to seem to be pissed about the feature because there isn't anything you can do but call someone out.

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