Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So... Mr S. and I wound up having a long discussion last night. Mainly because I've always thought I was extremely tolerant of religion. Especially in light of me not caring one iota about it. Don't care - don't care - don't care.

Let me see if I can encapsulate what we talked about.

Me - You really think I'm intolerant. Really? Because I think I'm pretty tolerant. I've politely let people try to save and convert me my whole life. I've never been hostile or tried to push my views on them. I don't walk into a room full of Christians and say "you must stop believing in God". I just don't get what everybody gets in religion.

I thought religion is suppose to make people happier - and it just doesn't. So - I don't get it. Especially the super churchy people. They seem to be the unhappiest. I don't understand why they spend so much effort trying to be happy in the "next life." Why not just try to be happy in this one? What if the next life sucks too? Then you have to wait for the life after that? Screw that! Why not just try to be happy here now.

Mr S.- Well maybe intolerant is the wrong word. You are always looking for some underlying negative. It's sort of like...( He trails off trying to find the right phrase.)

Me - Like when girls become strippers - people ask if their daddies molesterd them? (I love to complete peoples sentences. Which probably makes me an asshole.)

Mr S.- Yes.. exactly. You are always trying to find some reason for people doing nice things.

Me - Well that's true. But you could say that about any segment of the population. Not just religion.

I think we finally agreed that I'm just generally cynical. And not really intolerant. That Mr S. might be slightly bitter I always call him churchy. When he isn't. He just knows a lot of churchy stuff. He comes from the land of a million churches after all.

Oh - and I wanted to know if there was some level of hell that I could go to where the general public wouldn't wind up. Some of those people are going to be poseurs. There must be some first class segment of hell I'd be comfortable in. But not the cold hell.. because that would suck.

Anyway... I walked into the house this morning. No contractors. I don't think they have shown up yet. But - they did leave the religious radio on all night. Maybe they are trying to purify the house or something.

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