Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What is bothering me today? Thanks for asking.

1. The woman at the store - who couldn't be bothered to take 5 seconds to let me get into my car. Yet took over a minute to strap her demon spawn into its car seat. Despite the fact I was standing at the front of my car staring directly at her. With my arms crossed no less. I didn't think my projected desire to get inside my car was ambiguous at all.

I don't know about you.. when someone is staring at me - it f-ing creeps me out. Letting you get into your car and leave, makes you stop staring at me. Problem solved. Oh - but not this chick. I guess she thinks people just want to stop and admire her overwhelming courtesy.

2. Hillary Clinton. Yeah - that's right. It's one thing to cry once, to try and prove you are female and caring. But crying twice? All the other stuff aside - would any of you hire someone who cried in a job interview? There is no crying in politics! Don't we have enough guys still asking us if we are PMS'ing when we have a shitty day? If you want to work in a mans field - man up. Women who are going to vote for you because you cry - are old and whiney and shouldn't be making any decisions about the country anyway. And oh- by the way.. stop using my uterus as a bargaining chip. I'm not voting for you just because you are a woman. Because they cry! We never saw Margaret Thatcher cry, and she managed to run a country quite well.

3. The state of the service industry. Everywhere I go, I hear people complaining about the economy slowing down. Does that make anyone worried about their job? I mean worried enough to work harder and make customers happier. You know.. more willing to shop at your establishment? Oh no. Just the opposite is happening. You'd think with less customers, they could focus more on the ones they do have. But no...customer service productivity has even gotten worse. If that is even believable. It seems even harder to find someone to swipe your f-ing credit card then when the stores were jam packed. Yet the retailers wonder why people are aren't shopping at the brick and mortar stores as much. It's because you make it difficult for us to buy things from your store. Duh!

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