Thursday, February 07, 2008

When lines blur.

I'm not sure when this happened - but I started speculating about it here. I think my roofer and I are friends. Why does that seem odd you ask? Because a business relationship has silently crossed over into something different. No - not in that way people! Mr S. keeps me perfectly happy.

I talk to all my guys about personal stuff, and I don't think much about it. People talk to me about all sorts of things. Even when I don't want them to. But around Christmas, I began wondering if the roofer actually thought we were friends.

We don't really have a lot in common, and as you get older people stay acquaintances for much longer. You aren't bonded by partying and broken hearts. Plus when you have a business relationship, you aren't sure how much of a friendship is financially related. But this guy has certainly been acting a lot like a friend. Which has invoked a lot of discussion with Mr S. asking "are he and I friends ? - I don't really know". He does a lot of stuff he doesn't have to keep a business relationship. Like gift baskets at Christmas.

Anyway... you probably saw my post earlier today about the shower. Roofer wound up calling to say he was going to pick up his massive trailer from the crapshack driveway. I basically said "okay".

I wasn't sure how I was going to handle the shower discussion yet. Because honestly - sometimes the devil contractor you know, is better than the one you need to replace him with. I figured when he came around for a check - I'd have that discussion with him. Not an hour later I get a call from him, and he has his panties in a bunch about the shower. He was talking about my tile guy - who is still at the house floating my shower.

Roofer and I actually get into a bit of a tiff.

Which was super weird. I don't think I've ever had a fight with any of my contractors. Even when I've kicked them off jobs. I just tell them not to come back the next day. Most contractors are happy to oblige. If either party becomes a hassle - everyone is happy to walk away.

By how upset he was, I wasn't sure if he had been a dick to the tile guy or not. So I had to run over to the house and see what transpired over there. I have to tell you - I've never had so much drama with a contractor.

We eventually came to a mans agreement about the shower while ripping out the crapshack kitchen floor. Which as a female - I don't quite understand, to tell you the truth. But, I know enough to know that guys do projects together, decide that things are okay, and figure out how to resolve stuff.

His trailer is still in my crapshack driveway - so I guess he's okay now. Which makes me think - we may be friends.


  1. Ooohh, tou had a little "girlfriend" fight with your roofer!
    It's like you told him that green makes him look fat!

  2. Oh my gawd , he is the biggest chick ever! Which is weird - because he is a big jarhead. Think your x. But Mr S. and I always talk about him acting way more like a girlfriend.

    Mr S. also thinks the whole meltdown was due to roofer being jealous of alpha contractor. Ala, oh - you think that girl is prettier than me!

  3. Or, you think his drill is bigger than mine.