Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meltdown on isle 5.

Today has been a pretty bad day. But - I only have enough energy to blog about one of the todays problems. Hopefully I will get to the other one tomorrow before any new catastrophes happen. Today though... I want to tell you about how much a despise my washing machine. A Matag Neptune front loader. This one:

I have never hated anything in my life as much as I hate this machine. I've hated it since the beginning. I've cursed its lack of performance on a semi daily basis. I really want to take a sledge hammer it.

I didn't buy it because of some douchebaggery "greenie" issue. I bought it because it was the first time in history you could have a washing machine in your house that looked nice. Saving water was just a bonus. But that is the rub. This thing doesn't even save any water. It cleans so poorly we have to wash at least half the loads twice. And if you have any animal hair - like bunnies.. you might have to run a load three times. Since it doesn't use very much water - it doesn't get pet hair off clothing very well.

Today however - I found a new reason to want to push it off an over-pass.

When the machine somehow malfunctions in the middle of a load - you can't get the door open. It has a lock feature that prevents it opening - so kids don't crawl inside. It being a front loader and all.

Since I can't get a repairman to come out until Saturday - my clothes are going to probably mold up and be unusable.

It would have never occurre me that something like this would be a problem. I'm surprised they don't have some over-load button make the door open.

I was hoping the machine would somehow reboot when I unplugged it.. but nope. My clothes are still stuck in there.

I can't even sell this thing to anyone in good conscience.


  1. Take a look at this website: http://www.applianceaid.com/neptune3.html#lock

    Apparently you can remove the soap dispenser bezel and there is a manual unlock cord.

  2. Oh! You can't believe how excited you made me.

    But then I was sad because my washer has the soap dispenser on the front left corner.

    Mine is a MAH8700AWM.

    More frustrating is all the 8700's seem to be slightly different.

    I know there is a magic cookie code - because I've found it for other 8700 models. But I can't find the cookie for my model.

    But - thank you so much! I really appreciate the effort.

  3. Oh man, I have a front loader with a lock and I fucking hate it. I'm always forgetting a sock or something and dammit, I can't get in. Since when is my washer smarter than I am? I'm perfectly capable of gauging the height of water in the drum and deciding for myself whether there will be a flood of water if I open it, and if so, whether it's worth it.

  4. Have you looked into this:

    Thinking it would do the trick.

  5. Excel-ent

    Now the only thing to do is choose the pointy one or the heavy one.

    The sad thing is - I'd probably get pissed off somehow getting them to ship it to me.

    They'd probably ship it in 9 million pounds of wrapping. Or I'd need to pick it up in Antioch California 2 hours away or something.