Thursday, February 14, 2008

How my neighbors continue to drive me nuts.

It has been a long - long week. So perhaps I'm over-reacting. But, it doesn't matter because it is making me crazy anyway.

I have dueling neighbor issues today. Man - I despise neighbors so very much.

The first issue. One of the creepy neighbors decided he wanted to fix the segment of fence we share. Which I normally would completely love. But - I walked out into the living room on Wednesday and the fence is just down. Did he mention anything to us about when he was going to take it down. Nope.

There goes walking around barely clothed. Only one room in my house actually has curtains. Well.. if you want to get technical. It still has boxes. I'm trying to get back to the curtain project. Anyway.. I'm getting off track.

The reason we bought this house is because it was situated in relation to the neighbors in a way the house doesn't need curtains. I love that about this house. Most of the time it is very private. So having a segment of fence down really puts a dent into my privacy.

Add to this - the neighbor wants to fix it himself. I've offered help. But.. whatever. Normally this would be something I'd love as well, because I'm overloaded and don't want to deal with the fence right now. I'd rather just pay to make to go away. But, this is making the repair take a long time. Its been down for three days now. My guys would have had this fence fixed 3 times by now. At this rate - I might be without a fence for a week. And - its making me super crazy.

Plus, when I get back from the crap shack - I want to drop all my clothes in the laundry room and go take a shower. Well... I can't do that because my neighbor now has a direct line of sight. Plus - I just need some defensible space from people sometimes.

The next issue. The white trash neighbors at the crapshack.

Okay... can any of you people with dogs tell me why you would let your dog hang out in the front yard while you are away at work. Aren't you afraid the dog might go nutty one day and bite someone? But that isn't my problem.. I'm mostly just curious. And that dog is a barker. I have evil thoughts of having the pound pick it up - if it causes a problem with my new buyers.

Back to the problem. I often drive up to the crapshack and the neighbors have trash strewn everywhere. You know.. like what you see on the sides of freeways. I'm not kidding.

When we first bought the house it was broken bottles. Then, one time it was fast food trash. Then today, I get to the house today and my contractor says "hey - did you see the trash your neighbors had strewn everywhere"? He takes me out to the area, and there are empty cigarette boxes everywhere. Which is actually on our property. This guy must be a several pack a day smoker. Plus he's been using my contractors dump trailer for his personal trash bin.

Now - lots of people do that when it's on the street. But it is in my driveway. And I pay by the pound to get it dumped. Not like they are costing me much. But still. Who f-ing does that?

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