Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dancing on the Rattlesnake den.

It has been a very busy weekend Folks. This morning Mr S. and I started out going to breakfast. You know how much I love that. It keeps me from beating people to a bloody pulp. Just barely.

Mr S. decided to wear his new "no Che t-shirt. Which, I have to admit, made me a little anxious. I'm not much of an attention getter, and this is Communfornia after all. It's a bit like dancing on the rattlesnakes den. Meaning, people are pretty sensitive about this stuff around here. You might get bitten. I expected at least a few dirty looks.

Anyway - we get to the restaurant and there was a group of super hippies hanging out in the parking lot. Of all days! A couple of them had dreads down to their knees. We managed to go about our business with only a few stares.

We went to a bathroom showroom downtown. Mr S. and I are all hot on those floating vanities. But they all seem to be made like crap. The local showroom has a cabinet maker, so we thought we would try those guys. For the second time we've been in though, they have set off my bullshit meter. I just can't bring myself to give them any money. They said they'd make the cabinets, but they had to install them. For liability reasons. Which translates.. we won't charge you much for the vanity, but we'll make it up in labor.

Then because it was such a beautiful day - I started realizing I'm going to have to start prepping the garden for tomato season. The crapshack has been taking all of my time, and I just can't live without fresh home grown tomatoes. But, as usual we got sidetracked.

You see.. the woman that lived in this house before us, planted roses with wreckless abandon. When we first moved in - I counted 50 of them. I've managed to rip out half. I still have the other half. And.... I... hate.... every single one of those fuckers. Yet, I can't bring myself to rip the rest out. It totally confuses me why I have such a hang up about them. I mean.. You people know me - ish. I love ripping shit out. But somehow I can't cut down these 25 f-ing bushes.

Some of the other 25 some have started to grow back from some miniscule section of roots. I didn't even know they could do that. So they keep popping up in places I've thought they were long gone in. Man I hate those bushes.

Yesterday was a big shopping day. We found tile for the crapshack kitchen. I wanted to beat people at Lamps Plus. Mostly the staff because they suck so very much. All we wanted to do was ask some questions about the LED down-lights they list on their site. Because California has some new lighting rules that totally suck. So we have to find an alternative or buck the system. We eventually left without being able to talk to anyone. Every store was super packed because the weather was nice. Which shocked me, because I'd gotten used to going into stores and being almost the only one there. Now stores are super understaffed and extra annoying.

Anyway... I'm going to have to start thinking up names for the crapshack in a little while. Since it will no longer be crappy. You know like that whole Prince thing. Formerly known as crapshack - or something.


  1. How about the "SellyouMF!!SELL!!shack" ??

  2. Ummmmm, home grown tomatoes. My parents grew them on the east coast, where I grew up, they raised beefsteaks. It's a shame what passes for a tomato these days.

    They also grew roses! I think you should put an ad in Craig's List and sell them, first checking market value. Make the deal that they have to dig them up and take them away. It's a win-win. Or donate them to a library, university or museum around your town.

    And yeah! Our California weather is back. WOO WOO.

  3. Suzy - for the love of everything neurotic - that is a really great idea.

    Not so hot about the craigs list thing.. but giving them to a good home would feel better to me for some reason. Since - I was actually fibbing a little..

    I do sort of know why I have such a problem ripping them out. They all still have dog tags on them.. so it makes me somehow think she loved them enough to to keep the name tags.

    I know.. not rational, as she didn't take them.

    MDG - Um... a little wordy. But I'll consider it. Maybe I can eek an acronym out of it.