Saturday, March 01, 2008

I just don't understand it.

Today, I spent most of the day shopping for more tile for the crapshack. We decided we might as well pick up a vanity at the same time. I was going to tell you all what a nightmare it was to get it home. But instead my crapshack neighbors decided to give me a better story.

So - I pull into the crapshack driveway to unload the tile and the vanity. My trash cans for the house are sitting out front on my property. The cans had been in the backyard - but the painters moved them so they could paint the place. But remember - they are still on my property.

I pop out of the truck and decide to throw a small box into our green-waste can. The one you put mower trimmings and green debris into. I don't have a recycle can right now, because I dont have trash service at the house. I haven't needed it. All my contractors have trucks and bring a dump trailers with them to remove trash. Which if you've been keeping up with the crapshack progress - I've had an enormous amount of stuff removed from that house.

Anyway - I open the green can, and it is completely full of lawn clippings. So, I opened the trash can - also completely full. So full in fact, I can't even stick my small box into my own trash can.

I'm immediately pissed, because it is filled with beer bottles and fast food bags. But - the beer bottles are right on top. Some of these same ones I found on the property when we first bought it. On the side of the house that borders white trash neighbors. The crapshack had been vacant for a year - so I figure white trash neighbors were just throwing the bottles over the fence. Same brand/size (40's) and everything.

Since I'm fed up with white trash neighbors - so I ring their door bell and ask white trash wife if they have been using our trash cans. The conversation goes roughly like this:

Me - Have you guys been using our trash cans?

Her- Nooo. Why? What's in them?

Me- Beer bottles and fast food stuff.

Her - Oh no. There is no drinking here.

Let me just say - when I recounted this part to Mr S. he completely busted up laughing. When we bought the crapshack they had broken bottles on their driveway. I didn't remember if they were beer bottles or not.. but come to think of it - not many soft drinks come in bottles anymore.

Me - okay, because that is completely inappropriate.

Her - well, it might have been the guy across the street. Then asks if I was sure it wasn't my workers.

Now - there are tons of things wrong with my workers. Believe me. Some days I can barely defend them - but if they can drink that many tall boys and still do that much work on my house - they'd have to be alcoholics. There is no way I wouldn't smell that kind of drinking on those guys. And there is no way I'm not looking for that kind of thing. I can't afford the liability. If there was anyone I even had a hint of being drinking - I'd fire them immediately.

At this point I go to walk away and unload the stuff in the truck. White trash wife comes out of the house to look in the cans and starts saying she can't believe I would accuse her of such a thing.

Is she really thinking I'm taking her seriously? Their house was the second most-trash-strewn house on the block. (Mine was first). And lets say - it was my contractors. For the sake of argument and all. The lawn has never once been cut at that house. It's barely even become green in the last two weeks. Just this week - I was thinking I needed to start getting someone to cut it.

So - she's expecting me to believe that the neighbor walked across the street to put his lawn cuttings and trash into my cans. Even I would think I was being crazy or petty if I wouldn't have just blogged about this same issue two weeks ago here.

Anyway - it just pisses me off, because that costs me money to get rid of. Each time my contractors take away trash - it costs me money.

These neighbors have to be high if they think I'm paying to get rid of their trash too. The city would charge me 40 bucks for a pickup. Isn't it enough I've already vastly improved their property values?


  1. Piko once walked halfway down our street to throw a bag of trash away in our neighbor's bin. But I think she should get a pass since she's 5. And, we don't pay to have our trash picked up.

    Aren't you glad you're not moving into the crapshack?

  2. Oh - I'm so glad. It's weird how different neighborhoods can be. This one is apparently filled with people who work for the school district - and amazingly I don't get along with those people very well.

    They are a little catty, and amazingly ungrateful.

    P.S. - I don't mind so much people using the trash can. But filling it completely up torques me out.