Monday, March 02, 2020

These headlines are completely irresponsible.

History of sudden market shocks shows the market is due for a big comeback.

Everyone is talking about the V shaped recovery. But I don't think it's going to work that way. Just the money lost in conferences alone!

Mobile World Congress - the largest cell phone conference of the year was shut down.

Game Developers Conference - the largest game conference in the US shut down.

They cancelled the Geneva Motor Show! 

And ultimately everyone is operating on faulty information. Even in Wuhan they only had 10,000 test kits a day. The real numbers will never be known.



    and this:

    Thank G-d I'm a prepper :)

  2. YES!


    And HERE.

    There were tons of images like that out of China. Now there are rumors that the CCP has taken control and nothing regarding the virus gets out.

    I'm not a preppier but I already thought the market would crash this year because it's an election year. Once it spread to Iran I started buying water in stages. You know I don't believe in religion - but I pray it doesn't follow China. Literally hell on earth.

    This is absolutely worse than 2008. China already reported numbers worse than 2008.

  3. The stock market just jumped up again. I am going to bet that the fed and certain others just injected capital in it to keep it from falling. It will fall anyway.
    Where YOU should keep your eyes is on Panama and on Europe. Also Japan.
    Waterways and transport is the factors.
    Will this hurt our economy? Yes. Will it be bad? Yes and no.
    If we use this opportunity to close our borders and build back our industry then it will be a VERY GOOD thing in the long term.
    If we don't (which, considering we are short-sighted lemmings in the main, then nope nope nope)
    If you are the investment sort then I would start looking into some strategic buys on the market when it goes flat.
    You can guess which ones.
    Me? I'd buy into local energy manufacturers, water bottlers, etc.

  4. Captain Trips is here!

  5. Agree. But none of those things are going to be quick. Companies already haven't had orders filled for four weeks. Those guys will go bankrupt. You know I've been on the "we rely too much on China" train for a few years. But it's hard to quickly or easily change a supply chain that has been in existence for my whole adult life. I think the world as we know it right now is gone.

    China was already facing a lack of trust before the virus. Now I know China will never be the same. It's just hard to figure out how that is going to look right now.

    Oh and if you see any of those twitching videos on live leak, link them up here please.

  6. I went through my old texts and all the accounts were disabled.

  7. she said,
    of course those accounts were blocked. Gotta keep the panic down dont ya know.
    I think this virus has already mutated into different versions.
    Some die very quickly and some linger...
    it destroys lung tissue, kills organs..and you die violently.
    It spreads in food faster than anyone has ever seen.
    eat out of the same dish and you WILL be infected. That's fucking fast.

  8. The Chinese admitted a problem 31 Dec 2019, two months have passed. We just had people start to die so by May we ought to have a way better idea of what is really going on.

    Good luck.