Saturday, March 14, 2020

The news out of California is horrible today.

I just got a chance to catch up on local news. And it suuuuuuucks.

Coronavirus in the Bay Area: 17 new cases in Santa Clara County.

This brings the total cases in Santa Clara County up to 91.

Of the 91 total confirmed cases, 15 cases are associated with international travel, 27 were in close contact with a known case, and 40 are presumed community transmission cases.

38 people are hospitalized, according to county health officials.

That means...... 41% need hospitalization  right now. Much higher than the 20 percent I've been talking about.

In addition to that - MANY San Jose firefighters have been infected. The number was 2 just yesterday (I think). All the numbers change so fast. Now it's at least eight, and one of them is in already in grave condition.

Restaurants in San Fransisco that serve more than 100 people have been ordered to close for SEVEN WEEKS.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, March 15, 2020 4:19:00 AM

    Let's make the news worse!

    Governor Newtsome declares temporary eminent domain over hotels in order to house coronavirus patients.

    Whereas King County, Washington actually planned on buying property ...

    Seattle's number one fine dining joint switches to burgers, bagels, and delivery starting Monday.

    No semi-formal or formal attire required either.

    Having had the fine dining, I'm willing to bet the burgers are awesome.

    Meanwhile, South Florida does Florida shit the Florida Man way, yet again.

    What did you expect?

    South Florida levels of idiocy: WPLG 10 News: "Toilet paper flowing off South Florida shelves with no real explanation why"

    Yeah, actually that fucking stupid.

  2. Yeah saw that~ I think~ yesterday. I am not a fan obviously......but they don't build hospitals in 6 days in China. Turn every university in Wuhan into Fang Dang hospitals for no good reason. In Iran they are putting beds into parking garages!

    The thing I fear the most is when this runs through our obese population. Not the mildy chubby. Not the fat. Not the rubenesque. Not the husky - but the people who can block a sidewalk. More than treefifity. Purposely misspelled.

    When I read the link about the toilet paper - my first response was...... shut the fuck up. There is one reason people are buying toilet paper. They saw what happened in China and responded appropriately. All of these people pontificating about our feelings should crawl back into their fucking holes.

    In regards to the beach......Not going to try to deny I wondered if the beach was still okay. We don't really have that many beaches where people congregate together. Maybe Santa Cruz. But for the most part our style is walking the beach. Not sitting down with an umbrella.

    Be careful out there with that van full of whatever.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, March 16, 2020 6:48:00 AM

    Reasons to like Hampton Inn: the morning snacky breakfast bar is pretty decent if you've been driving like hell and went to sleep slightly hungry.

    Reasons to hate, hate, hate Hampton Inn: the breakfast does not make up for the uncomfortably hard beds that senior management believes that people like.

    You really are better off at a Holiday Inn. :-)

  4. Do a Twitter search for ATM + Cash and it’s pretty clear that they aren’t restocking the machines. Gas shortages have started to be reported as well as people starting to cart jack groceries in the parking lots. Home Depot has started to run out of cement because all of it is imported from China and Vietnam. Something tells me that by the time hospitalization hits the Calvary will be gone and things will break down. With all of the tent cities in California, we will be especially hard hit. President money bags the 2nd has trillions to cover up the money stolen from our bank accounts but we still can’t pay for healthcare for everybody because . . . socialism? df

  5. If the gas shortages are true - that is truly irrational. It's the one thing we are going to have a ton of! Everyone is going to be storing it in their bathtubs.

    I'm not going to defend what is happening. I am a fiscal conservative no matter who is in the White House. I notice this morning that tool Romney was on the Andrew Yang platform. But it seems to me the same people who are screaming for socialism are also the people who entrusted out ENTIRE economy to China. Now we are helpless children without concrete!

  6. Capital of Texas RefugeeWednesday, March 18, 2020 1:25:00 AM


    (it's anarcho-capitalist meme week now, deal with it)