Tuesday, March 17, 2020

On a scale from 1 - 10 (10 being the worst) how insulting is it that Jack Ma has to send us masks? We own 3M for christ sakes!


  1. The insult is to people like him who seem to think that PUBLICLY doing good has to be public.
    I don't advertise when I do good shit and neither should anyone.
    People like that do it not to do good but to be SEEN doing it.

  2. We should never be that dependent on another country. Never.

  3. Profit was the driving force of all that stuff being made in China. No one seems to have been able to put national security above money in the bank.

  4. she said,

    That is true. This country has 'everything' to be a uber-wealthy and totally self suffient whilst at the same time exporting food and goods.

  5. "Profit was the driving force of all that stuff being made in China."

    I think it has more to do with people thinking the world needs to be covered in bubble wrap. Everything must remain untouched. Profit is a necessary thing. The environmental rules were so prohibitive - they would basically bankrupt you if you tried to make things here. We sold our soul.

  6. she said,

    Take Detroit. Liberals and Unions in charge destroyed it.
    That place had EVERYTHING:

    Access to the Great Lakes all the way down the to the Gulf of Mexico via the Detroit river to the Mississippi. Great honking iron and coal deposits RIGHT THERE and surrounded by very fertile farmland.
    It's one of the most strategically industrial spots in the world if not THE most.
    And they fucked it up.
    IT takes a level of incompetence and greed that would make Marcus Licinius Crassus blush in shame.
    WE didn't sell our soul, but the fucking unions and the corporate heads did.

  7. Believe me - venture capitol is to blame too. Which in these dire times become vulture capital.

  8. she said,

    Yes. And more and more wealth goes to fewer and fewer.