Wednesday, March 11, 2020

My plate was popular today.

Finally... people get me.

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  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, March 12, 2020 6:30:00 PM

    This is your assigned "nihilist" reading material for the next few weeks. :-)

    This is less bleak than you might otherwise make it out to be.

    "And he knew, also, what the old man was thinking as his tears flowed, and he, Rieux, thought it too: that a loveless world is a dead world, and always there comes an hour when one is weary of prisons, of one's work, and of devotion to duty, and all one craves for is a loved face, the warmth and wonder of a loving heart."

    But it does convey a necessary bleakness for the Left: the equality they seek comes when they die.

    Ever thought about how far back in time you could go and be able to live there?

    For me, it would probably mean much quicker death to live before the mid-1960s, and so for me there would be no going back.

    Even going back ten years earlier would have meant certain death at the age of eleven from something that as it was nearly killed me.

    Somewhat like Camus, I've been exposed to TB, but I've never had it, although the four-stick test itches like hell and shows positive exposure whenever it's given to me.

    I did have dengue fever and some other nasty stuff when I was young.

    My father's work led to a lot of travel, and while I was picking up some of the local culture while I was with him, I was also obviously picking up some other stuff.

    Quote Nietzsche all you like, "nihilist". :-)