Thursday, March 12, 2020

Okay - what's the over under on this?

With Video over at BNO.

I have actually seen people doing this in China and Iran. Some of the first reports out of Iran were of them arresting a guy in a subway spitting. In China I saw people taking the escalator spitting over and over as well as other videos'

Honestly it was one of the more unexpected things to see of of a zombie apocalypse.  The movies don't cover that. But lot of other stuff seems to be tracking so... I'd say it only a matter of time. People really are the same the world over.


  1. Everyone spits in China, men, women and kids, at least in the provinces where I worked. They believe it is healthier to spit out the muck from 60 cigarettes a day a the air pollution than swallow it.
    Every morning at the mine site camp there would be a chorus of hacing and coughing as part of the normal morning ritual.

  2. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, March 13, 2020 5:27:00 AM

    "What's the over under on this?"


    These people are the most important things in their self-constructed universes that center on themselves.

    When they feel like they're going to die because of shit that's unfair to them, what better from their point of view than to pull everyone else around them down like some giant black hole of self-serving suck?

    In Saudi Arabia they'd just cut the fucker's hand off so he wouldn't want to risk doing it a second time. :-)

  3. People in China spit inside of buildings? Well..... that is their problem right there. I understand spitting outside-ish.

    I've also seen people walking from car to car touching all the handles. I've been trying ti find the videos, but so much happens so quickly.. will put them if and when I find them.

    Welcome to the blog Richard!