Friday, March 13, 2020

Everyone on both sides needs to stop politicing this.

March 9 - there were 607 infected. 22 dead.
March 10 -  788 - 28 dead.
March 13 (today) - 1700 infected. 40 dead. My local news claims there are 47 dead.

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  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, March 13, 2020 7:13:00 PM

    Czech Republic not only has closed its border, but also is blocking entry into some of the Schengen countries and the UK for Czech citizens.

    Slovakia is doing the same thing without a limit on the countries except for their shared border with Poland, with a mandatory two week quarantine for any returning Slovaks regardless of where they've been outside of that.

    Meanwhile in Sweden, Jante Law prevents the Swedes from talking about how they have already fucked up ...

    "Employees in health care say for DN that protective materials such as respiratory masks are starting to run out. But how great the deficiency is has been covered with secrecy."

    "'We know nothing and must not speak about it openly because of the secrecy', says a doctor at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna."

    I once walked all the way out of Stockholm out to that hospital in Solna.

    No way in hell I'd do it right now though, might pick up an extra-special case of la grippe nouveau ...

    "Intensive care physician Märit Halmin at Södersjukhuset recently talked on the radio about the deficiency of places in intensive care. 'We have closed intensive care sites already from a low level [of cases]. It goes without saying, [if] you can't handle a normal situation, you can't handle other events', she told Swedish Radio. For that, she first got a reprimand with reference to her breach of secrecy. But the hospital management then backed down."

    And let's have the dumbest thing of all ...

    "[Taha Alexandersson, deputy emergency response manager of the Swedish Social Board] describes that Sweden's sensitivity [to supply] has increased due to reduced inventory, according to the 'just in time' method. The method introduced at Karolinska, among other things, has its basis in the Japanese automotive industry and the idea is to produce and deliver goods in just the right amount and at the right time."

    Yes, that's right, Sweden's so far up its own asshole with "best practices" of the overly ambitious bureaucrat manager efficiency type that the Swedish emergency managers actually believed that the world would come rushing with their factories to save them from their inability to stock up enough emergency supplies.

    Hey Taha, maybe there's still a roll or two of toilet paper at ICA, and maybe there's a pack or two of tissues at your nearest Pressbyrån ... better go get those! :-)