Monday, March 02, 2020

The fun thing (said in the most sarcastic way) about this crisis is that none of us know how much of our products are made in China. But it would be safe to say a frickin lot. I bet more than 90% of products have at least one component from China.



  2. I do not like media panic either, but I do love research paper, epidemiology, and case studies. To compare a 0.3% death rate to the Covid-19 3% death rate is ridiculous. You realize that is 100 times the death rate. Even with the reported .1% death rate of the flu is incomparable, as Covid-19 is 33 times higher. Of course there is a hypothesis that China has under reported infections, and that those asymptomatic (and possibly remain that way) are not reported. But, with that same hypothesis, China would be under reporting deaths as well (with multiple whistleblowers whom illegally got evidence out of the China supporting this hypothesis). With multiple factors such as the R0, hypothesized (with some confirmed) Covid-19 mutations - especially showing in Iran with a raised death rate, the insertions within the viruses gnome that would only happen 1 in a billion in nature (not including the multiple jumps it would have to go through for person to person contract in nature), asymptomatic periods lasting (so far - but may extend) 28 days - yet highly contagious during this time (both asymptomatic time line and the contagion factors during this time being previously unseen), and the most current factors of this virus being contracted without a specified source in multiple countries. This virus is mutating so quickly that we have had a confirmed case of human to K-9 transfer. And we are now seeing evidence of those whom "recovered" from active Covid-19 infection, and released into the community with a negative test, show symptoms of self-reinfection and postive testing. This means this virus has been completely unseen by the human body. Our body's immune system has no response and has not currently had any positive evidence that it can build up an immunity to Covid-19. Evidence suggests once a person contracts Covid-19, they have it for life, and (when it becomes active from laying dormant) many renown specialists hypothesize it may be stronger from mutations created as defense to our body's response. Therefore, if you become infected and you do not die, you have a higher probability of dying 6 months to 18 months later. Nothing like the flu. SARS was contained because you have a very short incubation period and it is detected quickly. It is almost impossible to contain a virus that lays in asymptomatic incubation for up to 28 days, yet still contagious. It is better to inform the public with the truth. Not sugar coated, no panic induced, not fear mongering, not false comparison statements, but the full truth. If anyone wants any chance to overcome this, we need to communicate and work together.

  3. Totally agree. I hadn't heard the part where you may have it for life. Did know you can get reinfected over an over, but multiple exposures might result in death.

    Do enjoy how you got all geeky all of a sudden though. ;)

  4. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, March 02, 2020 8:33:00 PM

    "... but multiple exposures might result in death ..."

    If the cytokine storm doesn't kill you, then the onset of viral myocarditis might stalk you for the kill.

    Those people who suddenly "fall over dead" ... yeah.

    So here's the thing to think about in terms of your "90% of products" ...

    Been to the mall lately?

    The CDC released someone with The COVID and what does she do?

    She decided it'd be great to go visit North Star Mall out on Loop 410 in San Antonio once she got out ... and then what happened?

    Yeah, Nobody Can Believe It's Not Butter Battered And Texas Fried COVID.

    So what's this stuff going to do to malls that were already starting to hollow out?

    The only way I can see that some malls will survive is if the mall owners start spreading around some rent concessions in the form of a few months of nearly free or even totally free rent.

    And even with doing that, there are probably already some malls that were hopeful for a turnaround instead of a steep drop in traffic.

    Anyone got a dead pool for malls going?

    There's this one mall in the cen-tree of Tallahassee that amazes me how it can continue to survive.

    Also, maybe Fry's will finally die, because they're obviously not even getting any new inventory now that's the kind of stuff most people used to visit Fry's for, so what's keeping them alive?

    Maybe if this gets really bad, some of the deadmalls can be used like the Astrodome.


  5. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, March 02, 2020 8:47:00 PM

    BTW, leaperman, there's one thing you've said that I really wonder about.

    "... symptoms of self-reinfection and postive testing ..."

    Every time I get sick with something, whatever it is, I put some broad-spectrum disinfectant into the steam cleaner along with boiling water and get busy with all of the carpets and rugs. I don't hire anyone to do this, because if I have to go to this much trouble, it's something I have to do myself.

    The operative terms are "viral shedding" and "residual high viral load".

    Then I whip out the three gallon pest sprayer and put through it some low-residue disinfectant so I can give lots of troublesome spots the full treatment.

    While the aroma of disinfecting is going on, I have the windows open, the doors open, and when I'm done, I go do stuff in one of my garages so I can close up everything and let the smell of anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and even anti-fungal napalm in the morning get to work for a while.

    And then when that's done, I do the same thing all of the garages, at least with the big pest sprayer full of disinfectant.

    So who's actually making certain that these "recovered" people aren't reinfecting themselves with whatever iatrogenic or home-brewed viral breeding center they happen to live with?

    Yeah, I know the answer: word starts with N, six letters long, and it's totally safe to say on Twitter. :-)

  6. Why Texas!
    That would be wacist or mysogynistic or SOMETHING! How DARE YOU tell people what to do!
    (this, coming from the state where the governor made it a misdemeanor for someone with AIDS to KNOWINGLY infect someone (it used to be a felony--at the least--)

    I am shocked! Shocked I tell you, to see that you would say that some people are filthier than a politician or a lawyer on the make.
    How DARE YOU!

  7. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, March 03, 2020 9:03:00 PM

    Care to update this poster for The Hong Kong Book of Kung Flu?

    Mary Mallon: "HOW DARE YOU!"

    State of New York: "We'd prosecute you for infecting all of those people and getting three of them killed because of it, but you're so fucking ignorant and slow-minded that we think the charges might get thrown out by the court on account of mental retardation. So we're sending you to an expenses paid holiday camp on North Brother Island instead."

    South Korea gets it: they're charging the head of the Cult of End-Times Krisschan-Flavored Infection with murder, because maybe he's really a South Korean version of "Shoko Asahara", another one of these End-Times fuckwits.

    As for Greta, this is what I think of every time she's on one of her "expeditions" to somewhere.

    I could send her a ticket for a flight to Singapore via a very circuitous route and a case of bubble gum to enjoy upon her arrival?

    Just trying to help! :-)

    "... you would say that some people are filthier than a politician or a lawyer ..."

    Actually, social justice wankers are filthier than the condom that the politician uses to fuck the lawyer who moonlights as a "hooker" so they can do all of that blow paid for by the taxpayer.

    They also serve a purpose roughly analogous to the condom.

    So there. :-)

  8. Stay 'classy' Tex

  9. Capital of Texas RefugeeWednesday, March 04, 2020 3:14:00 PM

    Never thought you'd be the type to go all Hollyweird ...

    Julia Roberts? Doesn't do anything for me.

    You could have made this Billie Piper in that kind of role, you know.

    BTW, did you ever get to watch any of the Zombie Seasons of Top Gear with Chris Evans?

    I'm just saying that she probably had her reasons before those fateful days. :-)

    Classy though?

    Michelle Ryan playing a Cockney wastrel was more classy than Julia Roberts. :-)

  10. Tex,
    That was sarcasm. Sheesh.
    I like the long auburn haired busty ladies but just about any female will do. You know us guys. We're wired that way.
    Sorry she said but it's true. real men are always horny and metro males ain't men.
    They're deballed sheep.

  11. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, March 06, 2020 7:32:00 PM

    Were you looking for me to say that Julia Roberts is a ... Pretty Woman?

    *rolls on floor laughing*
    HA HA HA


    I prefer the real Erin Brockovitch to the ersatz one played by Julia Roberts as well, so there. :-)

    Also, when I'm playing that "straight man" routine, I'm just messing with you.

    Texans can't help messing with people, just ask Snarkie.

    Why do you think that Texans can fit in with the Snark Sharks of Florida?