Friday, March 13, 2020

Just last night my husband was talking to his sister in Ohio. She was pretty chill. Said there were only four cases.  Offered to send supplies if needed because everything was normal there.

This morning Mr S. texts me to say his sister said they closed all the schools this morning. That moment of zen was quick.


  1. They announced the closure of all the schools in Washington state this afternoon. Starts Tues the 17th & runs until April 24th.

  2. I think they started closing the schools a day or two ago after they told us they wouldn't because it was an essential need. And the Mayor of San Fransisco was calling us racists for a week because China town business was down. Never occurred to them maybe the ~Chinese~ were staying home and not us racists whities.

    For a whole week they were like - COME TO CHINATOWN YOU RACISTS.