Wednesday, March 18, 2020

People had lost their minds...

And fear of bubble charts. Now is not the time to gloat. But humans never seem to learn.

When Tesla is up 100% in six months! That should have been a warning sign to everyone!


  1. Home Depot has reduced open hours in all of its stores, all stores nationwide are now open from 6am to 6pm in order to reduce staffing needed. Employees who normally work later shifts are still being scheduled but will now be tasked with cleaning and stocking instead of helping customers.

    In other news, I'm home from work today with the sniffles. I'm fairly certain its my sinuses again, and normally I'd go to work anyway as I don't otherwise feel sick. But if I go into work with the sniffles half the city is going to panic, so I'm home from work. I've never had a manager give me less hassle about staying home sick......

  2. press release here:

  3. Amazing. I have never heard of that before.

    I thought I might make it to Home Depo today for curiosities sake, but I didn't get that far. Heres to hoping you just have allergies. If you feel anything in your chest start medicating before you think you need to. Stay well.

  4. Home Depot considers themselves to be an emergency service. I'm kinda amazed myself. No sniffles tonight, so I should be fine.

  5. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, March 19, 2020 7:26:00 PM

    I didn't make it to Home Depot today.

    But I did make it to a nearby gun store to buy more .270 Winchester ammo.


    Those looters won't shoot themselves! :-)

    What's interesting at gun shops right now tells you a lot of what you need to know about the unspoken sentiments of public opinion.

    First of all, you can get lots of hunting rifle caliber ammo, which is why I have a bolt-action hunting rifle with me. It's good for everything from coyotes and wolves up to bison, and of course several things in-between.

    Seriously though, a pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 with a great scope and a few customizations is really hard to beat in the takes-most-of-the-game ratings.

    But the shelves right now are bare to empty when it comes to anything that's a military caliber, such as .308/7.62x51, .223/5.56x45, 9x19mm, .45 ACP, etc., and a lot of other common pistol calibers such as everything .38/.357 are pretty much also sold out.

    In metric, the .270 Winchester is a 6.8x65mm cartridge with a bullet that typically weighs at least two and a half times more than the American Civilian-Grade Military Ballistic PEZ dispenser known as the AR15 puts out.

    And you can also go deer hunting with it. :-)

    OK, enough of my musings about why the .270 Winchester's so awesome that ammo nerds might want their rifles to have offspring with it, but there's the next thing which isn't so awesome ...

    Of the roughly fifty people I saw waiting to buy firearms today at this gun shop, which I was in for about an hour and a half, I'd say that forty of them were of an East Asian or South Asian persuasion, about 80/20 in terms of percentages.

    There were only two white guys buying guns out of all those people, a few black dudes, and one Mexican vato who went straight for the Allen ammo holder slings so he could deck out his shotgun like a Cheech and Chong version of Pancho Villa.

    All of the different size shotgun shells appeared to confuse him.

    "Can't figure out what would work for home defense?"


    "Number 4 shot shells are a compromise -- they're not useless like bird shot, but the pellets in them are between BBs and .22 long rifle, and there are a lot of them. Anything below that, you might as well be duck hunting."

    "What do you shoot?"

    I popped open a box of .270 Winchester and showed him what that looked like.

    "HOLY SHIT that's a big round. Does that go through body armor?"

    "Even if it doesn't, do you think whoever gets hit with that is going to be sticking around to argue about whether he deserves a second shot?"


    And that's why I'm traveling with a bolt-action rifle.

    It's even legal in California with the safety crap that I have stored in the rifle case ... :-)

  6. My neighbors son works at Costco with a side gig at the gun shop. I think I talked to him two weeks ago (I've lost track of time at this point). I guess he had been at the Shot Show right after I was at CES. His world is probably pretty crazy right now.

    I have a shotgun. It's what I'm most comfortable with. I learned on a double barrel. Surprised?