Sunday, March 01, 2020

It's only a matter of time now.

Update - I found one of the videos. Since I have to google translate almost everything I just can't search. But there are many reports of these weird twitching upon collapse.

I have been dying to talk about the virus but I've obviously been super busy. But - I am really concerned how the population is going to handle this now. I believe that if people really knew what happening in China there would be mass panic. And I'm not being dramatic at all.

People think because we have better heath care there is nothing to fear. But I can assure you that when firefighters have to stroll up in full hazmat gear, this is going to take a new direction. Which is what will happen - guaranteed. I can already see how this is going to play out. The first time someone collapses in a mall things are going to get crazy. And evidence shows that this is a very real possibility.

From what I have gleaned about the virus is that is causes sudden cardiac arrest and people just drop dead. There are tons of videos out of China that show this and now videos out of Iran are starting to corroborate.

As I understand it right now - your body gets so overwhelmed fighting the virus that you experience multiple organ failure. There are lots of videos out there of sudden cardiac events. And oddly after you hit the floor you have a seizure like event.

Now I have seen someone have a heart attack and drop dead in front of me. I have never seen this behavior in my whole life. I will try to link vids if they are still up.

So.... strap in.

I honestly can't believe that people were not following what was happing in China. It is the roadmap of what will come. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. You can predict a lot of things, but unless you were watching you won't know the unexpected things people will do.


  1. Hello She Said, your Google Fu is stronger than mine though best guess this is just a seizure not caused by Covid-19. There are viruses that cause such seizures and it is expected militaries have weaponized some of those. the Covid-19 genome has been mapped outside of China and I have not seen anyone mentioning seeing those segments in the Covid-19 genome. Also, no mention of such seizures being related to Covid-19 in a developed country US, Korea or even Italy. China and Iran are totalitarian regimes, information that gets out is often distorted.

    Not trying to diminish the severity of Covid-19, not trying to disrespect you. I have the highest regard for you She Said. Attempting to be re assuring.

    denver jeff

  2. It's no disrespect at all Jeff. I welcome other opinions. I'm just passing on the information I have seen. Most of these vids came out before it spread to Iraq and the sensors got full control in China again. There are not as many of the seizure vids. Much more of people just collapsed in places. But I do agree it's prudent to be skeptical. I only post about stuff after I've seen it a a few times from multiple sources.

    I also think that every government is lying about this right now. They have to. If this follows China ....... no government is prepared to handle it.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeWednesday, March 04, 2020 3:46:00 PM

    Post-viral fatigue syndrome can be weird like that.

    Viral myocarditis is on this list as well, BTW.

    Now you have a list of symptoms to watch for in others as this particular strain of aerosolized excrement strikes the motorized multi-bladed evaporative cooling device.

    It's really the secondary symptoms to be watchful for.

    Several other people have noted the similarities to myoclonus or even Sydenham's chorea.

    BTW, would you care to see an interactive representation that shows the relationships between the genes and proteins that are involved?

    Even if it's a bit hard to understand at first (and in-depth understanding may be very difficult)? The visual model might be easier to figure out as a puzzle, or at least to understand why this is so difficult to turn into something tractable, but the complexity's way up there, even more so than what's in that paper I pointed you to a while back.

    One thing that's bothersome about the relationships with the ACE2 protein: glucagon and insulin release is tied up with the renin-angiotensin system, and it isn't obvious whether that means that diabetics would have a lot to worry about, especially if they're on certain types of ACE blockers.

    There may be a bit of damned if you do, damned if you don't for type 2 diabetics who wind up catching this stuff, at least if they're hoping not to become type 1 diabetics.

    "... ACE2 mRNA is known to be present in virtually all organs, its protein expression is largely unknown ..."

    So the model is actually one of the better tools out there for high-level "what if" guesses because the research up to now has involved a certain amount of guess work anyway ...

    Care to see the charts and graphs version? :-)

  4. Capital of Texas RefugeeWednesday, March 04, 2020 3:57:00 PM

    "If this follows China ... no government is prepared to handle it ..."

    BTW, that's one interpretation that comes out of how the logarithmic representation of cases was parallel for a long time.

    Now what I suspect is that China's clamped down on reporting cases while everyone else is actually reporting their true number of cases, relative to how much testing they're actually doing.

    That's also a way of saying that China may have decided to stop testing people who are essentially quarantined in their own neighborhoods, and that the Chinese have an implicit policy of letting these neighborhoods turn into infection hot spots that eventually burn out.

    Whereas everyone else may be ramping up their testing, and so the slope of the logarithmic graph begins to turn upward.

    Or at least goes that theory ...

    That also assumes that the treatments are effective in terminating the virus rather than controlling it, because if all they're doing is controlling it?

    Imagine an airborne version of HIV-1, but with different symptoms and results, in which you may be one of the "lucky survivors" who has to be on a lifetime regimen of maintenance drugs, or at least a "lifetime" as determined by how long they continue to work until they stop working.

    This is essentially what leaperman was saying a few days ago, but in a different "what are the consequences" form, BTW.

    And with that, there's some psychopathic scumbag at Big Pharma who's all gooey over that possibility just for the profit potential ...

    Oh, yeah, you thought there'd just be one Shkreli in pharma?

    With the potential to literally play God, why wouldn't there be hundreds at the very least?