Saturday, March 28, 2020

Glad I didn't listen to my enablers.

Empty freeways enticing some drivers to hit 100+ mph, CHP says.

"The California Highway Patrol has noticed them, too. “We are seeing a rise in motorists traveling at excessive speeds in the Bay Area,” CHP - Golden Gate Division said Friday in a Twitter post. 

“We are still out in force and will continue to issue citations. There is no faster way to get a suspended license than driving 100 mph+.” The tweet included a photo of several speeding tickets, including one for a 2015 Hyundai Sonata clocked at 117 mph.

But even before Bay Area shelter-in-place directives were issued in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the CHP was warning lead-footed drivers to slow down. In a March 4 Facebook post, CHP - Golden Gate Division noted that highway patrol officers reported a spike in the number of 100-mph+ citations written in the nine Bay Area counties. “(In) February, an officer assigned to CHP - Hayward Area issued a driver a citation for going 133 mph on I-880,” the post stated, adding that the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence."

A few days ago a guy I know said to me - you can drive as fast as you want on the freeways right now because they are empty and the cops won't pull you over.

Glad I didn't listen to THAT guy.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, March 29, 2020 2:18:00 AM

    Oh, and don't think that because you have a supercar that you can outrun whatever the government decides to have built at any absurdly huge cost the taxpayer can afford ...

    A certain US Government department has "pursuit vehicles" that aren't meant to chase speeders, but instead are meant to get into and out of disasters.

    They will not only outrun anything made by Aston Martin, but also are known to have caused the untimely and rapid death of several state highway patrol vehicles.

    Those state highway patrol vehicles were operated by dumbass cops who were too stupid to understand that these vehicles weren't just made so they can try out their high-speed driving skills and "keep up" with these things.

    What these dumbass cops were supposed to do was to clear the way, not to participate in a government-participants-only vehicle race.

    230 mph feels totally different in one of these vehicles, BTW.

    The suspension has this Cadillac level of floating on air feeling, but it feels like that at four to five times the speed of the Cadillac doing that.

    If you ever see one of these things blowing past you on the way to something that you haven't heard about yet, I would actually worry ... a lot.

    You'll know because your first reaction will be "how can THAT do THAT" ...

    They typically don't have any markings on them, BTW, not that you'll be able to see them when they blow right past you. :-)

  2. A certain demographic is always overrepresented haha

  3. OMG. That just makes me laugh MacD. I'm not bright.

    Texas Refugee - I don't have a super car. Let's just get that out of the way. Most of my excessive speed problems are on long road trips anyway. And the nihilist Audi's suspension is way too stiff to take it on long road trips. Your kidneys would be wrecked. I got my ticket in the Tundra. I call it my land Cadillac. I'd rather have it impounded than the Audi.

    Plus... I ~just~ got off restriction. That ticket was spendy. You can't have a ticket like that in these recessionary times. I think my butt still hurts from the last one.

  4. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, March 29, 2020 5:47:00 PM

    Ah, but I had a supercar of sorts, a.k.a. the "expensive toy" ...

    The pursuit vehicle would easily outrun it, even if the highway patrol might not.

    Because I'd seen one of these pursuit vehicles up close and personal, I never had the idea that I could Cannonball Run my way away from whatever the government has.

    I've done all of my speeding on a race track.

  5. I'm betting you could pick up a super car on the cheap pretty soon. I'm out though. The brake jobs on my car are eye watering. When performance brakes are actually a cheaper alternative. That is when I realized I couldn't afford a supercar.

  6. Please keep us posted on what your enablers are telling you to do. Sounds like a lotta fun - to read about from a safe distance.

  7. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, March 30, 2020 10:25:00 PM

    "I'm betting you could pick up a super car on the cheap pretty soon ..."

    Yeah, actually, right now.

    I took a slight loss on selling the "expensive toy", but nowhere near what I would have taken as a loss if I'd have waited until now.

    You see, you make fun of me going ...


    But a lot of the time, it's the right answer. :-)

    "... what your enablers are telling you to do ..."

    BUY! BUY!


  8. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, March 31, 2020 6:34:00 PM

    Get ready for the global condom shortage.

    No problems here, I bought plenty ...

    ... just in case my less than friendly neighbors have this idea that they make semi-decent silencers.

    Besides, The State needs more people to pay it taxes after I leave.

    YOUR MOVE :-)